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Learidge for Individual - Online Courses

Huge gap exists in what is taught in institutes and what is required in real business life. Dynamic technological advancements are making the changes in the business management. This all is creating a huge requirement of reskilling to stay competitive and make desire growth in career and life goals.

Depending of your requirement of profession and job, you can choose the courses from library of thousands of courses hosted on Learidge.

Learidge is an end to end solution for all your training need to bridge the gap between what you are today and your professional needs to scale higher. It includes content delivery, assignment management, self assessment, final course assessment and certification.
It also includes live webinar sessions and queries resolutions session to find answers to all your doubts.

Virtual Educational Campus

Learidge For Business Organizations

Organizations can use our framework of employee enablement for benchmarking the multiple capability building areas like Functional, Behavioral, Technology and Soft Skills. For bridging the gaps if any, organizations can use the choose from library of thousands of courses hosted on Learidge for their team members.

Our assessment framework will help organizations in ensuring effectiveness of trainings given to team members and reevaluate with periodical benchmarking.

As technology and engineering changes are very dynamic and so is the business management deploying them, you can create a continuously learning organization to meet your business goals and objectives in less time with higher returns.

Learidge For Educational Institutes

For each of the program offered by Institute the content in multiple formats is hosted on Learidge. It includes Text, Video and MCQ. A complete assignment management framework will enable institutes ensuring timely completion of Assignments. It will also help students with alerts, notifications and proactive backlog monitoring.

With Learidge assessment framework, institutes can track progress of students in multiple examinations required and monitor results with analytics. Weak areas for students can be identified for additional course requirements.

In all, with Learidge Virtual Campus, you scale your institute by breaking geographical barriers and expand to global courses delivery.

Learidge For Product Manufacturing

As a product manufacturer you can host a your product training programs on Learidge with text and video content and use Learidge to educate your field staff, technical resources and more importantly your consumers.

With product use cases and service related AR experiences, you can better transfer knowledge to consumers and support staff to create best in the class consumer experience.

The access of the these product training programs is given to your consumers and support staff for any time, anywhere and at will learning experience.


We understand our social responsibility and hence we provide a lot of courses and content free of cost. These courses are on

  • Optimum resources utilization
  • Green Considerations in Product Design
  • Green Kaizen
  • Increasing profitability with green initiative
  • Green Manufacturing
  • Quality enhancements of natural resources – Air, Water and Land