• Total courses: 4
  • Instructor: 2


1. What kind of hardware and software setup is required to learn on Learidge platform?

Learidge are cloud based which means the software and databases are hosted on servers in cloud. This eliminates any need of special servers and software at customers end. All courses on Learidge are Personal Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile phone compatible. So what customers require is stable internet connection. No specific hardware or software is required for Learidge Courses.

2. How do I enroll courses on Learidge platform?

  • Visit www.learidge.com
  • Explore course details
  • Register yourself to create account
  • Subscribe to course
  • Start Learning

3. Do I need to pay fees one time or can I pay fees in installments on Learidge platform?

Course fees differs from course to course. Fees Payment options are Host dependent. Kindly refer the course details to know more about available payment options.

4. Will I get a certificate on completing the course on Learidge platform?

Yes. Every participant will receive a Certificate on successful completion and assessment of the course on Learidge platform.

5. What kind of support is available on Learidge platform?

Continuous Service support available. In case of any query you can contact the service desk number or email on support@learidge.com. Your query will be resolved in 24 hours.

6. How do I get more information about the courses on Learidge platform?

Visit the courses on Learidge.com. Download course brochure and watch introduction video to know more about Learidge courses.

7. How is the course delivery on Learidge platform?

Every course on Learidge have a predefined format of E-Book, Video, Assignment, Questionnaire and portal access. This helps to learn faster with all visual, auditory, kinesthetic learning.

8. Will there be any class room training on Learidge platform?

Learidge is a complete online training platform. No class room training available on Learidge.

9. Is there any hands on experience available on Learidge platform?

Portal access is enabled for selective courses which gives a real life ,real time experience to the course subscribers.

10. Are the courses hosted by domain experts and qualified host on Learidge platform?

Yes. After the Course host selection process, qualified and domain experts can only host the courses on Learidge platform.